How to Write Your Bio and Update Your Artist Profile

Do you have new public or private collectors? Have you just had a big exhibition or shown with a gallery? Show off a bit. Include as much detail as possible in your bio and shout about your last five exhibitions and any prominent collections your artwork has been featured in.

Here are some ideas and requirements to consider when crafting your description:

  • Use the 3rd person. Instead of saying "I am a London based abstract artist...", say "Bob Smith is a London-based abstract artist..."
  • Don’t use overly complicated or emotive language, or ‘art speak’.
  • Start your biography with an introductory sentence that best summarises you and your practice (e.g. ARTIST NAME is a…. who…).

Typical things to include in your profile

  • Biography
  • Galleries where you show your work
  • Press coverage for your artwork
  • Recent sales (for the Insiders access only)
  • Exhibitions
  • Private / Public Collections which hold your work
  • Awards
  • Degrees

Top tip

Systemise and split into 3 paragraphs:

  • Introduction to your style and use of mediums (starting the biography with your name)
  • Overview you (education and accolades)
  • Notable achievements

For example

Laura Jordan is an acclaimed British illustrator who creates rich, large-scale cityscapes. Drawing in small sections, the artist builds up various scenes and features of a given city which she then knits together to produce the larger city scene.

Laura studied Graphic Design and Editorial Illustration at the London College of Communications. She now works from her own studio and produces illustrations under the company name, Delicate Mayhem.

The artist has built up an international reputation, having exhibited her work in London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore


You can update your profile and bio anytime. Simply login and click on your name in the top right-hand corner, then My Settings and My Artist Profile on the sidebar.

4. Finally, once you've uploaded your artworks, edit your Artist profile. This includes information such as biography, exhibition history, My Shop, and At the Studio

Remember to save all the changes you make. You will be able to return to this information at a later date to edit or update it should you want to.

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