Shipping Costs

Who pays for shipping?

Ultimately, the customer pays for the shipping and packaging. As an artist, you’ll cover the cost initially, but we’ll reimburse you later. The shipping cost - which you’ll calculate using a bespoke shipping table -  is added on top of the artwork price.

Rise Art default shipping costs

If you haven't customised your own shipping tables, we'll charge the customer our standard shipping rate and we’ll reimburse you that amount. Our standard shipping rates are based on prints in rolled tubes i.e. it charges £10 to ship to the UK, £25 to Europe, £40 to Asia, etc. Therefore, sticking to our default Rise Art shipping costs will, most likely, mean you’re undercharging. 

Our default shipping costs are as follows:

To avoid being out of pocket when it comes to shipping, we recommend that you do your research and create your own custom shipping tables accordingly. You can create multiple shipping tables, should you have a variety of works live on site, i.e. both prints and canvases.

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