Why Choose Rise Art?

Rise Art is an online sales platform for artists at any stage of their career. We scour the globe for extraordinary artists and champion each one who comes onboard.

We’re a curated gallery, which means that all incoming artists are first reviewed by our board of Insiders before they can sell their work on the site.

Why choose Rise Art?

  • We’re a leading online gallery that connects artists with collectors worldwide.
  • We rank #1 on Google for search terms like ‘buy art online’.
  • We’ve achieved 30% growth in sales every month over the last 6 months.
  • We reach a million people online each month.
  • We’ve experienced 10X growth in website traffic over the past year.
  • We put out bespoke marketing promotions and campaigns every week.
  • We don’t require exclusivity i.e. you can still be represented by galleries elsewhere.
  • We have dedicated curatorial, marketing and sales teams. 

Artists on our platform can choose how active and how engaged they’d like to be on Rise Art.

Keen to start selling with us? Send your CV and portfolio to curators@riseart.com or read our seller handbook for more information. 

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