Rise Art Commission, Fees and VAT

Rise Art is effectively an agent that connects artists with buyers. For supporting sales between the two, we charge a commission fee.

Commission, fees and VAT

  • Rise Art charges 40% commission on each sale.
  • Before the commission, there is a payment charge of up to 3% to cover bank card/processing fees.
  • For sellers in the EU, the commission and payment charge are subject to UK VAT (20%) (Sellers outside the EU won’t be charged VAT).

Here is a pricing example for an artwork selling for £1000:

  • Artwork Sale Price: £1000  
  • Payment Charge: £30.00  
  • VAT on Payment Charge: £6.00  
  • Remaining value before commission: £964.00
  • Rise Art Commission: £385.60  
  • VAT on Rise Art Commission: £77.10
  • Total Deduction: £498.70  
  • Seller Receipt: £501.30

(VAT is chargeable to EU sellers only. Non-EU residents and EU VAT registered sellers outside the UK who have supplied Rise Art with a valid EU VAT number will not normally be charged this.)

A full listing of charges and how payments are calculated can be found in our seller terms found here

Rentals commission fee

  • Rise Art normally charges 50% commission on monthly rental fees.
  • Before commission, there is a payment charge of up to 3% to cover bank card/processing fees.
  • For sellers in the EU, the commission and payment charge are subject to UK Vat (20%) (Sellers outside the EU won’t be charged VAT).


Discounts are an accepted structure within the primary gallery arena.  Experienced collectors and established artists alike realise that it is an acceptable question for potential purchasers to ask and indeed for artists and galleries to acquiesce.

A discount of between 10 and 20% is the normal range and this is an important selling tool for art professionals.  Anything more than this level of discount could become problematic.

When will I get paid?

Our payment process kicks in once you’ve confirmed shipment of your artwork and you’ve given the tracking number to us.

Payment will come through in the month after you shipped the work. E.g. if you shipped your work in August you can expect payment in September. We’ll send you a commission statement (which will include your invoice) a month later.

We have two payment runs at the beginning and in the middle of each month.

N.B. To avoid delays, make sure that your payment details are up to date in the Seller Console. For help updating payment details, follow the instructions in step 5 here.

Payments under £50

For payments to artists which fall under £50/€50/$50 we will now issue payment every six months. Issuing payments under this amount costs us both money and therefore gives us time to increase the payment amount if another sale is made in the meantime. 

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