Categorising and Tagging Artworks

Subject and Style

When uploading your artwork, you’ll need to define its subject and artistic style. The subject and style you select will decide which category your artwork is featured in on our site. It’s important that these are accurate and specific in describing your artwork so that your artwork is featured in the correct categories and is easily discoverable by collectors.

If you're unsure, use our guide to help:

Tagging Your Artwork

Tags are keywords that are relevant to your artwork. If a collector searches a keyword that matches one of your tags, your artwork will appear as a result. 

Our top tips for tagging your artwork:

1. Be selective.

         Don’t go overboard. Too many keywords can actually prevent your artwork from being found by our search function.

2. Be honest.

         Only choose keywords that are appropriate for your artwork. Don’t tag cat if your painting is actually of a dog.

3. Be smart.

      Obvious keywords, such as art, painting, abstract, are not unique, especially on a site selling only art. Our categories will define the medium and style for you so your tags don’t have to.

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