Linking to Rise Art

One way that you can help Promote your profile on Rise Art is by adding a link to Rise Art from your personal and professional website homepage or contact page. 

Linking to Rise Art helps promote your work in two ways:

  1. Collectors will often reach out to us and ask if we work directly with the artists we show. It often helps build trust if we can show them your website, and the fact that you're supportive of our platform and a trusted partner. 
  2. As we expand our artist and collector offering internationally, we regularly refer people to the websites of artists who add links to their websites for further context on their practice. 

Linking to Rise Art is easy to do. We recommend you link from the homepage or footer of your website by using one of the Rise Art logos alongside Social media or contact logos. 

You can download a variety of Rise Art Logos here

To find out your public URL on Rise Art, simply visit the Rise Art Artist Console and click on the "My Profile" link in the bottom left hand corner. This will take you to your public Rise Art page, where you can copy the url to include in the link.Alternatively, you can also just write a simple sentence with a link to your page on Rise Art.

For example: "My work is available at Rise Art".

Here are how a few artists actively link their websites to profiles on Rise Art:

Peter Horvath

Stella Kapezanou

Robbie Bushe

Lee Panizza

Anna Suwalowska

Questions about linking to Rise Art? Email us at

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