Submitting Studio Diary Content

Your Studio Diary appears on your public profile underneath your selected artworks and allows you to show collectors behind the scenes.

Your Studio Diary is the perfect place to give behind-the-scenes insights into your practice. This, along with your Rise Art CV, biography, and banner images, will help give potential collectors a deeper understanding of your work.

Where to find your Studio Diary in the Seller Console

Once you have logged in to your Seller Console you will find the 'Studio Diary' section in the 'Artist' area. 

How to add videos to your Studio Diary

The Studio Diary accepts videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and Instagram. 

You will be asked to provide the Video ID, you can find the ID at the very end of the URL of your video.

On Youtube: your Video ID will be the series of characters and numbers following: .com/watch?v=

On Vimeo: your Video ID will be the series of numbers following: .com/ 

On Instagram: your Video ID will be the series of characters and numbers following: .com/tv/ if the video is from your IGTV. If the video is a post the code will be between the penultimate and last / (not including the /'s)

For help taking and selecting the best images for uploading to your Studio Dairy, read our Photography Guide here

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