Adding Additional Images

Additional Images are the best way to ensure that collectors know exactly what they’ll be getting. Every image you can provide helps towards a final sale.  It’s good practice to take as many detail photographs as possible. We would recommend:

• Taking at least 3 to 4 detailed close-up
• Take an installation shot if possible (perhaps in a gallery, your studio or installed in an interior) 

We request that all Master Images are cropped to the edge of the artwork itself, not showing any borders or backgrounds. If your work is pre-framed you must ensure that the frame is included in the Master Image, but again showing no background.

Here is a great example of how to utilise additional images:

For more information about photographing your works, read our FAQ.

How to Add an Additional Image

1. Log in to your Seller Console

2. Go to your Artwork Page

3. Add New Artwork

4. Add or drop your Additional Image into the 'Detail Images' section

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