Artwork Image Sizes - Choosing the Right Size to Upload

When you submit artwork files to Rise Art, we ask you to Submit an Image Size of at least 1100px high by 700px wide OR 700px high by 1400px wide. We accept file sizes up to 5mb.

Image guidelines:

  • Upload a high-pixel image of your work. We recommend files of at least 2000 pixels (either in width or height). A high-pixel image lets our zoom tool show the details of your work and also allows us to blow it up to fullscreen, on all standard monitor sizes. 
  • We shrink the file size to 72dpi for display on monitors and to ensure that any copies of the image printed are not in high resolution. You can submit any DPI file size and our website will reduce this down for you. 
  • We accept PHG, JPEG and GIF files up to 5mb. We don’t accept other file types like TIFF and PDF.

Tips to Reduce File size

If you receive an error that the image you have submitted exceeds the size accepted on the site, you have two options to fix the image:

  1. Compress the image: Compression reduces file size without having to resize the image. We recommend using - A free tool and simple tool that allows you to compress your image without any issues.
  2. Resize your photo:  By reducing the pixel dimensions of your image, you'll decrease the number of pixels it takes to store the image which reduces it's file size. Reducing image size won't reduce the quality of the image, but keep in mind that we require a minimum file size of t least 1100px high by 700px wide OR 700px high by 1400px wide.

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