Completing a Customs Declaration Form

This is relevant for Seller Managed Shipping only. Rise Art will take care of customs procedures for all artists who qualify for Rise Art Managed Shipping.

So that your artwork can be cleared through customs quickly, and to avoid the package being returned to you, please ensure that the customs declaration form is completed correctly.

The form must be completed in block capitals.


Full name and return address

Must be provided so the item can be returned to you in the unlikely event it's not accepted by the destination country. 

Write this on the package if there’s no designated space on the form.

VAT / Tax ID number If you’re VAT registered, you must include your VAT registration or VAT ID number.
Date and signature Sign and date the customs declaration form once complete to confirm your liability and authorise the shipment.


Full name and


         Copy the name and address that we share in your sale confirmation email.



When asked to state the contents of the shipment, select SALE OF GOODS. Do not select GIFT, as this is not applicable for commercial items.
HS tariff number

(Also known as the commodity code or Schedule B number.)

9701.10.00.00 for all works of art. 

9702.00.00.90 for all printed works of art.

9703.00.00.00 for all sculptures.

This is an internationally recognised number.

Country of origin  

Must be stated on any export documents if known. 

Determines if preferential duty rates are applicable.


The description of the package’s contents must be clear and detailed. 

You should include information such as the artwork’s title, year of creation, and media. 

E.g. Original painting, “Untitled, 2021”, oil on canvas

If your package contains two different types of artwork, you must include a separate description of each.


This should include the weight of the artwork + packaging, unless stated otherwise.

The sale price of the artwork.

This refers to a certificate of origin (COO) which, in most cases, is not necessary for artworks. 

If you wish to include a certificate of origin, or have been advised to by your courier, you can use our template. If included, tick this box and state the certificate number.


Tick this box, as you must complete at least one commercial invoice to accompany the shipment, and state the invoice number.

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