Completing a Commercial Invoice

Find a commercial invoice template here.

Please note, customs declaration forms are required for all commercial items, which includes all sales made through Rise Art. Invoices must be typed and not handwritten.

Shipment Information

Invoice number Number your invoices in ascending order and keep a copy of the document for your records. State the invoice number here.
Date of invoice The date you complete the invoice.
Carrier The shipping service used to send the artwork; e.g. Royal Mail, DHL, etc.
Tracking number The shipment’s tracking number. 
If the tracking number is unknown at the time of completing the invoice, please add it to the printout before sending to avoid delay.
Date of export The date you will dispatch the artwork.
Reason for export For all commercial shipments you should state: SALE OF GOODS.
Type of export PERMANENT (for all sales).
TEMPORARY (for exhibitions).
Terms of delivery DAP.
Delivered at Place, which means the receiver is responsible for any customs duty and import tax.


Full name,
company name,
and address
Complete with your details, including your company name if you have one.
Contact name and contact number Your name and number unless using a shipping broker.
If using a shipping broker, state their contact details
VAT / EORI number EORI numbers are required on all shipments into and out of the EU. 
If based in the EU or UK, you can get your individual EORI number from your country’s customs authority.
If based outside of the EU or UK, you’ll need to apply for an EORI number with the customs authorities of the EU country where the artwork arrives first.
If VAT registered, enter your VAT number.


Full name,
company name,
and address
Copy the name and address that we share in your sale confirmation email. 
If the receiver is an individual, leave the company name blank.
Contact name Name of the receiver unless otherwise stated.
Contact number Copy the contact number that we share in your sale confirmation 
VAT / EORI number If the receiver is an individual, leave this blank. 
If shipping to one of our framers, use the EORI number stated in your sale confirmation email.
If shipping to one of our corporate clients, you’ll be provided with the VAT or EORI number to state here.


Description The description of the package’s contents must be clear and detailed. 
You should include information such as the artwork’s title, year of creation, and media. 
E.g. Original painting, “Untitled, 2021”, oil on canvas
If your package contains two different types of artwork, you must include a separate description of each.
Quantity Number of items.
HS Tariff Number (Also known as the commodity code or Schedule B number.)
9701.10.00.00 for all works of art. 
9702.00.00.90 for all printed works of art.
9703.00.00.00 for all sculptures.
This is an internationally recognised number.
Country of origin Must be stated on any export documents if known. 
Determines if preferential duty rates are applicable.
Weight The weight of the individual artwork.
Total weight The weight of the artwork/s plus packaging.
Value The sale price of the artwork.
Currency State either your country’s currency or the currency of the receiver. Enter all costs on the invoice in this currency.
Where possible use GBP, USD or EUR.
Shipping The total shipping cost.
Total The total value of all items plus the shipping cost

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