Pricing Your Artwork

How Expensive Should My Works Be?

We have noticed an increased interest from collectors for paintings and unique works in the £1k-£5k price range.

Most users browse the website by sorting by 'latest releases' and by price value, so by uploading higher value work more regularly, you will be making sure your work has the best chance at being seen by collectors visiting the site.We are consistently finding that our collectors are looking for higher valued work, priced above £1000 (with an average of £2500).

We recommend that each of our artists has at least 5 works in this price range, in order to surface in more collectors' searches. This is because we know our collector base and what they like, and at the moment there is a particular popularity in higher priced work, as well as in work that is larger (above 1m).

And what about prints?

For large, limited edition prints, we are finding that the price range between £300 and £600 are popular. For hand-finished prints, the most popular price ranges are £750 to £1500.

We recently released an in conversation video between our CEO Scott and Curator Phin, discussing all-things pricing, which you can watch via Youtube or our Instagram.

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