Promoting Your Rise Art Profile

We work hard to convert our online traffic to sales. You can help us to drive this traffic by promoting your Rise Art profile online.

Our handy 2-page guide will let you know all of the ways you can complete your profile and make it look its best.

Share Your Artwork

Share your latest submissions via email or social media.

  1. Go to the artwork's page
  2. Click Share underneath the artwork image

  3. Choose how you'd like to share the artwork

Sharing your Rise Art profile across social media also increases traffic visiting your page and encourages a high level of engagement. 

Tag us on Facebook or use @riseart on Twitter and Instagram.

Link to your Rise Art Page on your Website

Often, we receive questions from new collectors about whether we work directly with artists. It's often a question of trust. Collectors want to know they are purchasing from a legitimate gallery, and want to know that their purchase is directly supporting the artist. We routinely show collectors that you work with Rise Art by sending them to pages where you link to our website. We would greatly appreciate you linking on your website to Rise Art. 

Linking to Rise Art is easy to do. We recommend that you link from either your Landing, Contact page, News page, About page or Footer of your website

We ask that you add a link from your website to your page on Rise Art. To find out your public URL on Rise Art, simply visit the Rise Art Seller Console and click on the "Shop" link in the upper right hand corner. This will take you to your public Rise Art page, where you can copy the url to include in the link.

We suggest using a simple phrase including our name that links to your Rise Art profile. Here is an example of an appropriate link text: "My work is available at Rise Art".

Should you wish to use our logo, here is a folder containing different versions you can use. 

Here are examples of a few artists sites with links to Rise Art:

Peter Horvath

Stella Kapezanou

Questions about linking to Rise Art? Email us at

Share Behind-the-Scenes Images

Share high-resolution studio photos with us to increase your chances of being featured in our blogs and newsletters. 

Please see our studio shoot guidelines here. Images must meet these requirements to be featured.

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