Managing and Promoting Your Rise Art Profile

How to re-order your products

Showcase your strongest works at the top of your page to gather more engagement. It's worth spending the time re-ordering and sorting products so the customer gets that wow factor when they first land on your page. This is your chance to really show off the breadth of your style and technique. To do this:

  1. Go into the Seller Console
  2. Click Manage Artwork
  3. Click Sort Artwork in top right-hand side of the page and then drag and drop to re-order

Gather Followers and Wishlists

Visitors to the site (including other artists) can like artwork by following artists or wishlisting particular works.

When someone follows you as an artist they get an email when you upload new works, only you will be able to see your followers. Visitors can also wishlist your artworks. You’ll be able to see how many people have wishlisted a particular piece when you’re on the product page in question.

The Rise Art team has created 4 easy ways for you to get more traffic to your Rise Art profile. More traffic means more followers and more wishlistings, helping you gain traction on the platform.

Upload the Rise Art Widget to Your Website

We've created a special widget that you can upload onto your own website or blog.

Click here to find out how to add the banner to your page.

Invite Your Friends

Invite your friends to follow your page using your customised URL. 

Share Your Artwork

Every time you submit a new piece of work, we give you the chance to share it. Take advantage of this and share your latest submissions via email or social media.

You can also visit any of your artworks on the website and like it on Facebook, Pin it on Pinterest, or share it via Twitter or Google+.

Use Social Media

Share your Rise Art page across social media. The team at Rise Art keep an eye out for artists sharing their pages on Instagram and twitter.

Share on your social media. Tag us on Facebook or use @riseart on Twitter and Instagram.

Share Behind the Scenes Images

Share high-resolution studio photos with us to increase your chances of being featured in our blogs and newsletters. 

Please see our studio shoot guidelines here. Images must meet these requirements to be featured.

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