What Happens if My Work is Returned?

Sometimes customers return artwork to us. Sad as it is, this does happen occasionally. Maybe the work isn't what they expected, or maybe they've changed their minds about what it is they want. Rise Art offers customers a 14-day return policy from the date they receive an artwork (as per EU regulations). Here's what happens if a customer wants to return your artwork:

  • Before getting in touch with you, we'll check that the order meets the eligibility requirements to be returned.
  • If it does, we'll then reach out to you with further instructions.
  • Rise Art will arrange return shipping (and we’ll cover the cost).
  • Once you, the seller, has got the work back, we ask you to condition check the work

How can I avoid returns?

The key thing here is photographing your artwork as professionally as possible. Adding secondary images of your artworks in situ or details of your artwork in close-up helps customers get a good idea of what the artwork will look like in the flesh.

Also, be sure to submit an accurate description of your artwork, making note of any special elements. Finally, double check the dimensions of your piece. Many artworks are returned because the size, shape or colour isn't what the customer was expecting. 

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