Renting with Rise Art

Why rent out your artwork?

Reach new audiences through our unique rental service. Our ‘try before you buy’ art rental service is unique and popular amongst our artists and customers alike. Art rentals allow the customer to see works in the flesh before buying, and enables artists to distribute their artwork in different ways to an increasingly varied audience. For example, renting is particularly popular amongst our corporate and trade clients. Some of the benefits of renting your artwork are listed below:

  • Over 85% of artwork rentals convert into sales
  • You can make more money renting
  • Artwork is fully insured whilst on loan
  • Rentals enable artwork to reach a wider variety of audiences
  • You can still sell the artwork while it is rented

Whilst the rental service is completely optional, we recommend that all our artists make their works available to rent as it boosts the chances of selling your work. This is especially true of more expensive pieces.

“Rise Art have been a fundamental part of my art career and success. I am now achieving regular rentals of my work, mostly for new show homes and also some customer rentals, most of which have resulted in sales.” Corinne Natel, artist. 

“A collector renting two of my paintings has now bought them. Many thanks to Rise Art for championing the excellent concept of renting art.” Stephen Whatcott, artist.

How is the rental fee calculated?

The rental fee is calculated on a sliding scale so there is no fixed percentage. In general, the rental fee falls between 5-10% of the artwork value per month. If your work is available for rental, you can find this value on your product page.

Commission fees and payment

Rise Art normally charges 50% commission on monthly rental fees. Find out more about our commission, fees and VAT here.

For rentals purchased through the website, the customer pays a monthly rental fee and you will therefore be paid monthly. If the customer decides to convert to purchase and buy your artwork, a portion of the rental fee they've paid up until that point then will be credited towards the full purchase of your piece. If the customer does buy the work Rise Art takes its usual commission and you as the seller get the rest, minus any credit the customer is owed from their rental. 

Corporate rentals are paid for quarterly, therefore your commission will be paid quarterly.

Is there a minimum period of rentals?

Our minimum period for rentals is 1 month. 

What about insurance and shipping?

You’re responsible for getting your artwork safely to the customer (or to Rise Art). However, the customer covers the cost to ship the work - this cost is worked out via your bespoke shipping tables.

Once your artwork has been delivered, the customer (or Rise Art) takes responsibility for any loss or damage from then onwards.

Do I need to frame my pieces?

No. In fact, we encourage our artists to keep their works unframed to give the customer the freedom to choose their own frame.

If your work is unframed we will frame the work at no cost to you. This is particularly relevant for prints. 

What happens if my artwork sells elsewhere while it is being rented?

You’re still able to sell your work while it is rented out. If your artwork sells elsewhere, we offer the customer renting your work the right of first refusal to purchase the work.

We have a 30-day cancellation policy to give us time to end the contract and return the work.

What happens if my rental is returned?

In the rare instances that artworks are returned from rentals, we ensure that your artworks are returned directly to you - we organise this.

It’s worth noting that if your work was originally unframed and framed for the purpose of the rental the work will be returned in this frame or we may keep the work in storage until the next sale is made. To find out more about our framing service click here.

If you live outside the UK we may keep the work until the next sale is made.

Are there any situations where I wouldn’t want to rent my work?

In general, we discourage artists with unframed works (particularly on paper) much larger than 120 cm to make their works available to rent.

We also discourage artists who have especially delicate works to rent their pieces.

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