How to Create a Profile

Ready to create your artist profile? Follow these 5 simple steps.

It's important to spend the time considering how to make your profile and artworks as impactful as possible. Artists with a well-written bio, their exhibitions listed, strong images of between 10 - 40 available artworks appeal the most to our collectors.  

1. Whether you have a Rise Art account or are new to the platform, our team of curators will need to first authorise your as an artist profile on Rise Art in order to access the artist tools and artist dashboard. Notify your Rise Art curator if you are unable to access your artist account. 

2. Once you have received your credentials login to your account and click on the my settings tab to change your password, update privacy settings and add a photo to your account. 

3. You should then access your Seller Console to upload artworks and manage your inventory.

4. On first Registration, you will need to accept the terms and add your tax information and your bank details, so that we can pay you when you make a sale.  To access this anytime, in the Seller Console click Settings > Manage Payments > Add payment information

5. You now have full access to the artist dashboard, where you can upload artwork, manage inventory, pricing and all of the content and seller tools on the site. 

To learn how to get the most out of Rise Art, be sure to look at all our FAQs for artists in the Seller Support

Here is our 2-page guide to completing your profile and making your page look its best.

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