How We Promote You

Email Newsletters

1. Customer Newsletters

Alongside our latest blog posts, curated collections and news, our weekly newsletter to customers features selected artworks from one or more of our artists. Our In the Studio newsletters highlight an individual artist, presenting behind-the-scenes images, key artworks and an exclusive interview with the artist.

2. Artist Newsletters

So that you can keep in touch with news and events, we send out frequent newsletters to our artists. These list current and up-and-coming opportunities both with us and elsewhere. We offer the chance to be featured in our curated collections or customer newsletters, as well as advertise external artist grants or artwork submissions.

Social Media

On our social media pages we advertise new uploads from our artists and celebrate artwork that has just sold.

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Our Website

1. Curated Collections

Our curated collections give customers the opportunity to view a selection of artworks available on our site that tie in with a particular theme or event. We aim to display a varied group of artworks, covering a wide price range and a diversity of forms, from paintings, to prints, to sculptures.

2. Blog Posts

Each of our weekly blog posts will feature several artworks from across the site linking to the subject of the particular post. Often, our blog posts will have a corresponding curated collection with an extensive selection of artworks. 

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