Seller Managed Shipping

Sellers who are based outside of the Rise Art Managed Shipping origin locations are responsible for all shipping, packaging, customs paperwork and transit cover when they sell an artwork on Rise Art.

This includes setting your shipping prices via the Seller Console using the Shipping Table feature.

What are Shipping Tables?

Shipping tables define the price that the customer will pay at the checkout to have your artwork shipped to their delivery address. If you make a sale, you’ll cover the shipping cost initially, but you’ll be reimbursed when you’re paid the artwork commission.

Default Shipping Tables

When you join Rise Art, we’ll set up your profile with a selection of pre-calculated default tables which cover a variety of sizes and types of artwork and packaging. 

As you begin to add work to your Rise Art profile, you’ll be prompted to select a Shipping Table for each new artwork you submit for approval. You’re free to choose the most appropriate default table for your artwork, or set up your own custom shipping tables if preferred.

If your artwork falls outside of the default table categories (i.e. sculpture, 3D or other artworks which have more complex packaging and shipping requirements), our team will work with you to set up custom shipping tables as part of your onboarding.

I’ve sold my first artwork on Rise Art, but the default shipping table doesn’t cover my costs.

If the default shipping table doesn’t align with your actual shipping costs when it comes to your first sale with Rise Art, we’ll make up the difference to ensure you’re not out of pocket. We’ll then work with you to update your shipping tables so that you’re covered for future sales.

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