Packaging and Shipping Your Artworks

How soon do I need to dispatch the works after an order is made?

The default dispatch time is 2 working days. Make sure that you go into the Seller Console and change that if 2 days doesn't apply to your artworks. It's important to be able to meet the customer's expectations regarding when the artwork will arrive.

In the Seller Console, you can set how long it will take for your artworks to be dispatched to a customer. ‘Dispatch time’ refers to the length of time it takes you, the seller, to send out an artwork once a customer has put through an order.

To set dispatch time, go to the Seller Console:

1.Click the ‘Profile’ tab.

2. Scroll down to the ‘Dispatch Within’ section.

3. Enter the number of working days it'll take to send out your artwork. Don't include any shipping time - just the time you need to prepare and send the artwork.

How do I package my artwork?

If you're  shipping a print, roll it up in a tube. Not only do tubes limit the damage, but they're also cheaper to ship than other packaging. Wrap the print in acid-free paper - a sheet on each side of the work - before rolling it up and putting it in a tube. That way the print won’t get scratched or transfer onto the cardboard. You can buy acid-free paper from most stationery stores - and it's not expensive.

If you're  shipping your artwork flat, consider getting it professionally packaged. If you’re doing it yourself, use plenty of wrapping and insulation.

If you're  shipping a stretched canvas, put the work in a box with lots of polystyrene or cardboard to cushion it. If you have any problems with packaging a canvas, give us a call.

Avoid  shipping artwork that's framed with glass. If you do have to, put extra care into packaging your work. In fact, consider using a professional packaging service. As the seller, you are responsible for making sure that the work reaches the buyer (or Rise Art) without any damage.

What must I include in the package?

It’s all in the details. Customers love it when their artwork arrives with a handwritten note or a brief  Hello from the artist. A small gesture like this can make the world of difference, not just to the customer but also to you (they may well be tempted to put in another order...).

Don’t forget any necessary fittings that are needed for the customer to install the artwork.

What NOT to include: invoices, personal contact details and marketing materials. It goes against your Seller Agreement with Rise Art to send these things to a customer.

Who organises the shipping?

Once your artwork is packaged and ready to go, you’ll need to make arrangements with a courier to ship the work. Try find a courier that will a) pick up the work from you directly, and b) track your package.

Please pass on the courier details to, including the tracking number and the estimated delivery date. That way we can let the customer know when to expect the parcel and don’t forget the sooner you tell us the tracking number the sooner you’ll be paid for the artwork.

Who is responsible should my artwork be damaged during shipping?

This falls to you, the seller. If the artwork gets damaged between you sending it out and delivery, it's up to you to claim for this from the courier. If the artwork arrives with the client damaged, you'll also be responsible for organising the return of a damaged work at your expense.

What happens if I'm going away?

If you’re going away and are be unable to dispatch artworks within your normal time frame you can put your profile in ‘Away Mode’ in the Seller Console. This allows us to be transparent to the customer when an order is made and reduces the likelihood of a lost sale.

To put your profile in 'Away Mode' so into the Seller Console, click ‘Settings’ and then ‘Manage Away Mode’.

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