Shipping Your Artwork

Who organises shipping?

Rise Art manages all shipping, customs procedures and transit cover on behalf of artists based in the following origin locations:

  • United Kingdom
  • Europe
  • North America (including USA, Canada and Mexico)
  • South Africa

Any artists based outside of these locations are responsible for shipping their own artwork.

Rise Art Managed Shipping

For all artists based in the location list above, Rise Art manages shipping, customs and transit cover on their behalf.

Artists are responsible for packaging their artwork, using appropriate fine art packing materials and methods. Rise Art does not reimburse packaging costs, so please ensure these are built into your artwork pricing.

Once you’ve packaged your sold artwork, send us:

  • Package dimensions
  • Package weight 
  • Confirmation of your collection address
  • Photos of the packing stages, plus a final image of the packaged work

We’ll then send you a shipping label and a link to book a courier collection for a date and time that is convenient for you. You may also have the option to drop the package off at a local shipping point, depending on the courier.

Is my artwork covered in transit?

For artists who qualify for Rise Art Managed Shipping, we’ll make sure your artwork is covered in transit to the customer for loss and damage, unless either occur as a result of poor packaging. 

We ask that you share photos of the packaging process and final package prior to shipping. If you do not provide these, we will not reimburse you in the event of loss or damage in transit, regardless of the quality of packaging.

We do not provide cover for damage to pre-existing frames or any shipments containing glass.

How soon do I need to prepare my artwork after an order is placed?

Our default dispatch time is 3 working days. ‘Dispatch time’ refers to the length of time it takes you to have an artwork ready to ship once an order is placed. The dispatch time is visible on your artwork listing page, so it's important that you meet the customer's expectations of when the artwork will arrive.

If you have a longer or shorter dispatch time, you can customise this in the Seller Console. To customise your dispatch time, go to the Seller Console:

1. Scroll to ‘Profile’ in the Seller section.

2. Scroll down to the ‘Dispatch Within’ section.

3. Enter the number of working days it'll take to send out your artwork. Don't include any shipping time - just the time you need to prepare and send the artwork.

What happens if I'm going away?

If you’re going away and will be unable to dispatch artworks within your normal timeframe, you can put your profile on ‘Away Mode’ in the Seller Console. This allows us to be transparent to the customer when an order is made and reduces the risk of cancelled sales.

To put your profile in 'Away Mode', log into the Seller Console, click ‘Settings’ and then ‘Manage Away Mode’.

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