Brexit and Export Requirements

This is relevant for Seller Managed Shipping only. Rise Art will take care of customs procedures for all artists who qualify for Rise Art Managed Shipping.


The UK left the European Union on 31 December 2020. Here are some of the key changes that will affect you as the sender when sending work into our out of the United Kingdom:

  • UK to EU and EU to UK shipments need to be accompanied by a commercial invoice and a customs declaration form so the shipment can be correctly processed on its arrival into the destination country.
  • If you’re based in the EU you’ll need an EORI number to ship outside of the EU. To get your EORI number, you’ll need to apply to your country’s customs authority.
  • If you’re based outside of the EU you’ll require an EORI number to ship to an EU country. You’ll need to apply for an EORI number with the customs authorities of the EU country where the artwork has its first transit scan (UK sellers can apply for an EORI number with HMRC).
  • If you're a VAT registered seller, you may be required to remove VAT on artworks if they are to be exported (or, if you are a VAT registered seller based in the EU, you may be required to remove VAT on artworks only if they are to be exported out of the EU). You'll receive further information and instructions from us should you be required to remove VAT on an artwork.

Key changes that will affect the receiver of your artwork:

  • All UK exports to the EU, and all EU exports to the UK, are subject to import tax and customs duty upon arrival in the destination country.

Required Documents

When it comes to international shipments, filling in the right paperwork will prevent delays and complications. You’ll most likely only need a customs declaration form and a commercial invoice; however, we advise asking your courier if you’re unsure of the requirements for shipments to a specific country.

Commercial invoice

Commercial invoices are required for all shipments containing commercial items, which includes all sales made through Rise Art. 

  • Commercial invoices are not required for shipments within the EU.
  • The commercial invoice should be attached to the exterior of the package in a clear plastic wallet so it can be accessed by customs authorities.
  • All commercial invoices must be completed in English.

Find a commercial invoice template here.

View our guide on how to complete a commercial invoice.

Customs declaration form

All international shipments (excluding those within the EU) require a customs declaration form to clear the artwork correctly through customs. The customs declaration form used will depend on the shipping method chosen - see Shipping Courier or National Postal Service.

View our guide on how to complete a customs declaration form.

CN22 and CN23

CN22 and CN23 forms are a type of customs declaration form required on all shipments sent with a national postal service (excluding shipments within the EU). The form used depends on the value and weight of the artwork/s:

  • CN22 form - Contents of shipment valued below £270/€425 and up to 2kg.
  • CN23 form - Contents of shipment valued over £270/€425 or 2kg or heavier.

These forms can be obtained from your local post office.

View our guide on how to complete a CN22 or CN23 form.

Certificate of origin

A certificate of origin verifies the country in which the artwork has been made. This certificate is not typically a requirement for artworks shipped to most destinations; however, should you need one, you can find a template here.

Shipping Couriers or National Postal Service

If you choose to book online with a courier service, the process for completing the export documentation will differ slightly than if you ship with your national postal service. 

Please note, we always advise shipping your artwork with a trusted courier service to avoid delays. We recommend DHL, UPS, or TNT.

Courier services

When booking shipments online, the shipping provider will submit the customs declaration form electronically and can complete the commercial invoice for you. Although if preferred, you can upload your own commercial invoice. 

National postal services

When shipping with your national postal service, you’ll need to manually complete all paperwork. A CN22 or CN23 form and a commercial invoice are required.

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