How Can I Help My Artwork Get Through Customs?

Any artwork sold and shipped inside the EU is duty-free, so if you're sending your artwork within the EU no paperwork is necessary. 

When it comes to international shipments, filling in the right paperwork will prevent delays and complications. Ask your courier to explain the customs process and the documentation you’ll need to fill out. They'll be able to help you speed things up and keep charges low.

Some tips to keep in mind when your work has to clear customs:

  • Label your package as an Original Artwork and add the right commodity code. Check HMRC's website for more information on VAT and import duties
  • Research the duty and tax that you'll have to pay on Remember, shipments between EU countries are duty-free.
  • Attach any necessary labels and/or extra documentation in a way that’s clearly visible on the outside of your package - and tell your courier about these.

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